1999 California State Science Fair
Student of the Year


The final, and largest, prize awarded by the California State Science Fair is that of the Science Fair Student of the Year. This award is open to all twelfth grade students participating in the Fair. Applicants must submit an essay in advance of the Fair. Finalists were evaluated on their essays, their science fair projects, academic excellence, ability to communicate, their community service efforts, and by personal interviews with the selection panel. The 1999 winner was:

Erika N. Ebbel

Crystal Springs Uplands School
Hillsborough, San Mateo County
Her Project Advisor: Mr. Tom Woosnam

[photo of Erika Ebbel] Click

The award citation for Erika Ebbel at the Awards Ceremony reads:

Erika is a senior at Crystal Springs Uplands School. Among her many scholastic achievements, in 1999 alone Erika was an Intel Science Talent Search finalist, and has won awards at the San Mateo County and San Francisco Bay Regional Science Fairs. She is a two-time first place winner here at the California State Science Fair.

She is an accomplished pianist and will be graduating from the San Francisco Conservancy of Music. She has studied Russian and Japanese for over 8 years. Her community service includes sharing her passion for music with local children, teaching commitment, and a balanced approach to life.

Erika is also an avid outdoors person -- active in scuba diving and rock climbing.

Her interest in research on viruses began many years ago through observations on the natural world and literature. Her project tested herbal treatments for viral infections and reflects the insight, dedication, and passion that Erika exhibits in all aspects of her life.

Congratulations, Erika.


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