CSSF Project Listings: 2013
Mathematics & Software

Senior Division

S1401 — First Place
Colin C. Aitken, Grade 12
Dots and Lines: A Combinatorial Interpretation of the Homotopy Groups of Finite Topologies
Advisor: Mrs. Anuradha Sarkar
School: Leland High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
S1402 — Honorable Mention
Ulysse Carion, Grade 11
Creating a Chess-Playing Computer Program
Advisor: Mr. Martin Teachworth
School: La Jolla Senior High School, La Jolla, San Diego County
Julia Cho, Grade 9
Josh G. Kim, Grade 9
Creating a Clearer Voice Chat/Conference by Using Sound Localization
Advisor: Mr. Mark Riese
School: Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, Santa Clara County
Richard K. Cho, Grade 12
A Computational Exploration of Quadratic Residues and Their Applications
Advisor: Dr. Ali Gurel
School: Crescenta Valley High School, La Crescenta, Los Angeles County
Bianca N. De, Grade 11
Modeling the Effects of Vascularization and Tumor Location on the Rate of Tumor Growth
Advisor: Dr. Prasanta De
School: Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon, Contra Costa County
James B.C. Gabbard, Grade 11
Kathleen D.K. Grant, Grade 11
Andrew S. Liu, Grade 9
New Methods of Generating Sets of Intransitive Dice
Advisor: Mrs. Lori Mains
School: Live Oak High School, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County
Vamsee K. Gangaram, Grade 9
Anup R. Vatti, Grade 10
Nonstop High Speed Rail
Advisor: Mr. Vijay Gangaram, Ms. Kashmira Hull
School: Granite Bay High School, Granite Bay, Placer County, Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, Sacramento County
Isis M. Grant, Grade 11
Cruise Control
Advisor: Mr. Kenneth Nadeau
School: Carlmont High School, Belmont, San Mateo County
Andrew C. Haden, Grade 11
Developing High-Performance Hybrid iOS Apps
Advisor: Mr. Pras Sarkar
School: Redwood High School, Larkspur, Marin County
Benjamin C. Jacobs, Grade 9
Steven T. Lin, Grade 9
The Randomness of Humans and Computers
Advisor: Mrs. Pamela Durkee
School: York School, Monterey, Monterey County
S1412 — Honorable Mention
Rishabh Jain, Grade 10
The Early Detection of Wildfires through the Use of GOES Satellite Imagery, Edge Analysis, and Spectral-Based Hashing
Advisor: Mr. Chris Spenner
School: Harker (The) School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Anna K. Jones, Grade 12
Statistics on a 611-Tree Data Set
Advisor: Mr. Michael Wing
School: Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo, Marin County
Amirali Kamgar, Grade 10
Gaussian Curvatures of Non-Euclidean Surfaces
Advisor: Mr. John Shirajian
School: Ribet Academy, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Abraham P. Karplus, Grade 11
Arduino Data Logger
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Karplus
School: Alternative Family Education, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
S1416 — Second Place
Kevin K. Lee, Grade 11
Electromechanical Modeling of the Heart in Moving Domains Using the Phase-Field Method
Advisor: Dr. John Lowengrub
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
George D. Morgan, Grade 10
Operating System Design and Development Continued
Advisor: Mr. Jonathan Bowns
School: Clovis North High School, Fresno, Fresno County
Gilad E. Ronat, Grade 11
Graphical: Graphing Calculator App for the iPhone
Advisor: Mrs. Diana Herrington
School: Clovis High School, Clovis, Fresno County
Gabriel S. Rossmann, Grade 11
Microfluidic Chip and Software Interface for Multi-Week Tissue Culturing Experiments
Advisor: Dr. Stefan Heller
School: Home Schooled, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
S1420 — Honorable Mention
Sonia S. Sachar, Grade 9
MASS: Memorizing Assistant for Social Software
Advisor: Dr. Shankar Kumar
School: Irvington High School, Fremont, Alameda County
Zachary H. Seligman Karen, Grade 12
An Investigation of Shapes of Unvarying Height
Advisor: Ms. Annabel Adriatico
School: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Joshua G. Send, Grade 11
Two Dimensional Localization of Impacts Using Acoustic Time Delay Measurement
Advisor: Dr. Uwe Send
School: Torrey Pines High School, Encinitas, San Diego County
Dennis J. Shim, Grade 11
Beating Google: Development of the Novel Web Page Ranking Algorithm WordRank in a Search Engine
Advisor: Mr. John Olivares
School: Northwood High School, Irvine, Orange County
S1424 — Third Place
Yousuf M. Soliman, Grade 11
IlluminaMed: Developing New AI for Use in a Biomedical Image Analysis Toolkit
Advisor: Ms. Wendy Slijk
School: Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
S1425 — Honorable Mention
Prem M. Talwai, Grade 10
A Novel Mathematical Model of Targeted Cancer Therapy along p53 Proteasomal Degradation Pathways
Advisor: Dr. Binh Truong
School: Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, Sacramento County
Tanay Tandon, Grade 10
Clipped: Automated Text Summarization through Semantic Natural Language Processing and Clustered Machine Learning
Advisor: Mr. Eric Ferrante
School: Cupertino High School, Cupertino, Santa Clara County
Manogna Vemulapati, Grade 9
Identification of CpG Islands in a DNA Sequence Using a Hidden Markov Model Trained in MapReduce
Advisor: Mrs. Roberta Chisam
School: St. Francis High School, Mountain View, Santa Clara County
Sohil A. Bammi, Grade 11
Brandon Z. Betkolia, Grade 11
Eric M. Zhou, Grade 11
The Automated Creation of Randomized Relational Languages as a Web Application
Advisor: Mr. Gary Reinstein
School: Santa Susana High School, Simi Valley, Ventura County
S1498 — Fourth Place
Jared A. Tramontano, Grade 9
A Generalized Formula for the A-th Element of a N-Nacci Recursive Sequence Using Complex Residues
Advisor: Mr. Peter Lum
School: Centennial High School, Corona, Riverside County
Liang Zhou, Grade 11
Determining Combinatorial Sums Using Roots of Unity
Advisor: Ms. Michele Lieux
School: North (John Wesley) High School, Riverside, Riverside County

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