CSSF Category Awards: 2017
Mathematical Sciences

Junior Division


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J1505 — First Place
Andrei Mandelshtam, Grade 8 portrait
Limiting Behavior of the Iterations of Tangent
Advisor: Mrs. Liane Martin
School: Vista Verde School, Irvine, Orange County
J1507 — Second Place
Hunter D. Ruebsamen, Grade 8 portrait
Evolving Near Optimal Solutions to Computationally Hard Problems Using Natural Selection
Advisor: Mrs. Dianne Robinson
School: Marine View Middle School, Huntington Beach, Orange County
J1506 — Third Place
Anna V. Orgel, Grade 8 portrait
The Relationship between Password Characters and Guesses Required Using a Self-Developed Brute Force Hacking Program
Advisor: Ms. Susan Karasoff
School: Aptos Middle School, San Francisco, San Francisco County
J1501 — Fourth Place
Daniel L. Bishop, Grade 7 portrait
The Mathematics of the Mandelbrot and Julia Sets
Advisor: Mr. W. James Bishop
School: Wildflower Open Classroom, Chico, Butte County
J1508 — Honorable Mention
Jonathan Z. Xu, Grade 7 portrait
Analysis of Maze Solving Algorithms
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Miller (Frank A.) Middle School, Riverside, Riverside County

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