CSEF Project Listings: 2018
Computational Systems & Analysis

Junior Division

J0801 — Fourth Place
Kamran Ansari, Grade 6
Mathematical Modeling of Intracranial Pressure Response to Inversion Therapy for Dural Leak Headaches
Advisor: Mrs. Afsaneh Miller
School: Fairmont Private - North Tustin Campus, North Tustin, Orange County
J0802 — Third Place
Sriram V. Bhimaraju, Grade 6
Low-Cost Archery Assistant with an Interface for the Visually Impaired
Advisor: Mr. Bhuvan Rachamreddy
School: Harker (The) School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J0803 — Honorable Mention
Iliana R. Close, Grade 8
Keira Swei, Grade 8
Automated Feature Detection for Diagnosing Neurodegenerative Diseases
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Central Middle School, San Carlos, San Mateo County
John Benedict A. Estrada, Grade 7
Comparison of Plant Chlorophyll Measurement Utilizing a Ground SPAD Meter vs. a Low Altitude Multispectral Camera
Advisor: Mrs. Maral McDowell
School: Granite Ridge Intermediate, Fresno, Fresno County
Lou Fowler, Grade 8
The Creation of a Hardy-Weinberg Calculator for Five Alleles Utilizing Python Coding Language
Advisor: Mrs. Tina Brown
School: The Children's School, La Jolla, San Diego County
Saurav S. Gandhi, Grade 8
Eye Track: An Indoor Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
Advisor: Mrs. Michelle Scilingo
School: Cabrillo (Juan) Middle School, Santa Clara, Santa Clara County
Madalynn L. Hein, Grade 7
Animated Storytelling with Alice 3 Programming
Advisor: Mrs. Sally Ghilarducci
School: Scotts Valley Middle School, Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County
Peter M. Husman, Grade 7
A Computer Traffic Simulation: Vehicle Throughput across a Grid of Intersections Varying Driver and Car Parameters
Advisor: Mr. Ryan Lewis
School: Science Academy STEM Magnet (The), Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles County
Nithika Karthikeyan, Grade 8
The Design of Algorithms to Encode English Text in Amino Acids Using Digital Data Compression Techniques
Advisor: Mr. Karthikeyan Kannappan
School: Challenger School Berryessa, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J0810 — First Place
Rohan A. Karunaratne, Grade 8
A Real-Time Tactile Image Generator for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Advisor: Ms. Fe Marie Bustos
School: Stratford Fremont Middle School, Fremont, Alameda County
J0812 — Honorable Mention
Houjun (Jack) Liu, Grade 7
Comparing the Effects of Various Corpora's Qualities on NLG/NLP Systems
Advisor: Mr. Heiko Ritter
School: Hillview Middle School, Menlo Park, San Mateo County
Kavya M. Pandrangi, Grade 7
Automated Insulin Delivery Model with Feedback for Diabetics: A Microcontroller and Sensor Based Bioengineering Project
Advisor: Mr. Bradley Behrens
School: Stratford Middle School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J0814 — Second Place
Sneha Revanur, Grade 8
Analyzing Gender-Based Violence and Aggressive Behavior through Social Media Data
Advisor: Ms. Kirenpal Jaspal
School: Quimby Oak Middle School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Holden T. Robertson, Grade 6
Which Cipher Is the Most Difficult for a Computer to Decode?
Advisor: Mr. Don Scott
School: Cain (E.V.) Middle School, Auburn, Placer County
Dana S. Saeteurn, Grade 6
How Sound Cues Affect a Visually-Impaired Person's Ability to Play Video Games
Advisor: Mr. Fred Arzamendi
School: Chenoweth (Donn B.) Elementary School, Merced, Merced County
Ziyad Soliman, Grade 8
Map It Right!
Advisor: Mrs. Najwan Naserelddin
School: Islamic School of San Diego, San Diego, San Diego County
Joseph P. Thomas, Grade 7
A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting NBA Rookie Potential
Advisor: Mr. Joseph Colucci
School: St. Christopher School, San Jose, Santa Clara County

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