CSEF Category Awards: 2019
Microbiology (General)

Senior Division


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S1506 — First Place
Daniel Feng, Grade 10 portrait
Discovering Antibacterial Molecules in a Previously Uninvestigated Native American Medicinal Herb
Advisor: Ms. Lynette Burnside
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
S1508 — Second Place
Shreya Garg, Grade 11 portrait
Determining the Roles of CuSB, Flagellin, and AcrAB-TolC in Bacterial Responses to Nonlethal Nanosilver Concentrations
Advisor: Dr. Christine Koltermann
School: Notre Dame High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
S1507 — Third Place
Chen E. Filler, Grade 11 portrait
The Role of Tetraspanins in the Uptake of Candida albicans by Host Cells: Year 2
Advisor: Dr. Hong Liu
School: Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County
S1501 — Fourth Place
Catherine P. Aitken, Grade 11 portrait
Effects of Glycerol Solution on Freeze Tolerance and Photosynthetic Efficiency of Cyanobacteria for Use in Terraforming
Advisor: Ms. Kristina Koster
School: San Ramon Valley High School, Danville, Contra Costa County
S1513 — Honorable Mention
Vivek V. Kamarshi, Grade 12 portrait
Cellular Pathways for Increasing Fusion and Decreasing Replication of Varicella Zoster Virus
Advisor: Ms. Renee Fallon
School: Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, Santa Clara County
S1515 — Honorable Mention
Raymond Kuan, Grade 11 portrait
Derek Tan, Grade 11 portrait
Effectiveness of Phycocyanin, Isolated from Spirulina platensis, on the Inhibition of Neoblast Tumor Growth
Advisor: Mr. Scott Vander Veen
School: Valley Christian High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
S1523 — Honorable Mention
Sasha L. Ronaghi, Grade 11 portrait
Using Machine Learning and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy to Analyze the Effects of Antibiotics on P. aeruginosa
Advisor: Ms. Tanya Lerch
School: Sage Hill High School, Newport Coast, Orange County
S1525 — Honorable Mention
Ashley C. Schletewitz, Grade 9 portrait
Evaluation of Equisetum hyemale Extract as an Alternative Chemical for the Control of Penicillium italicum on Citrus
Advisor: Dr. Themis Michailides
School: Sanger High School, Sanger, Fresno County

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