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Project Allocations

Beginning in 1998, the number of projects which each affiliated fair is allowed to qualify to CSEF has been defined as an explicit limit by CSEF. These allocations are based upon the currently available space each year, determined needs across the entire State, historical participation and quality of projects from each affiliate, and discussions with our affiliates, most notably all of those participating in recent County Coordinators Conferences. Here are the current allocations. Please note that, as always, these allocations are for projects and not for students. A team project with three students only counts as one towards the affiliate’s total allocation.

Reporting Form

The California Science & Engineering Fair encourages all affiliates to submit the names of all qualified students on this Excel template whenever possible in order to help improve the accuracy of our data-entry process, e.g. to help us spell students' names correctly. If this is not feasible, however, submission of names as in previous years is still acceptable, as long as all of thei nformation in the template is provided.

Important: Students cannot submit a CSEF application until we send them a special enabling invitation. Until we receive and verify your form, and send that invitation, none of your students will be able to submit an application.

For 2024 Only: This year we have no provision for accommodating alternates. Please list only your qualified students. You may wish to check with students regarding their CSEF intentions before supplying this list.

Under normal circumstances, the communicated list of eligible students should be sent via e-mail to For cases in which this is not feasible (and hence involving persons who are probably not reading this page) the preferred method of transmitting the list will have been agreed upon in advance by phone. Otherwise, see Communicating with the Fair.


The California Science & Engineering Fair has as one of its goals the promotion of the best science projects in the State. In furtherance of this goal, we have a very few regulations concerning our affiliates:

Questions regarding these rules should be sent to

Mailing List

In order to promote communication between CSEF and its affiliates, as well as communication between all affiliates, we have established a private listserv (an e-mail mailing list) exclusively for our affiliates. Subscriptions to this mailing list are limited only to persons associated with the operation of affiliated science fairs throughout the State. The listserv is moderated to eliminate junk e-mail traffic. For further information, or to be added to the mailing list, see here.

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