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Complete Student Application Packet

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Seriously. Download it first. In the Application Packet you will find the answers to most of your questions, if not all of them.

If you are only looking for one particular part of the Application, you may find it in our section on Information for Student Participants.

Certification Forms

Every project entered in CSEF must submit documentation demonstrating that the research was executed safely and with due consideration to its subjects if that is a relevant concern. You have two choices: (1) the full set of ISEF forms or (2) the CSEF Research Certification Form.

For purposes of completing your CSEF application, there is no distinction between the two sets of forms. The distinction arises solely for ISEF-eligibility. It is entirely your choice which forms you submit. If you have already filled out the complete set of ISEF forms, you can submit them as part of your Application even if you are not interested in being ISEF-eligible. Further, since Junior Division students are not eligible for ISEF, all Junior Division students should submit the CSEF Form.

Submission of Forms: After completing the certification form, regardless of whether you completed the ISEF forms or CSEF form, you or your advisor should scan the original form(s) (that is do not take a picture with your phone) and email the resulting file to Do not use a cell phone to take a picture of the form. Keep the original in your possession and include it in your research notebook kept at your project display so that it is available for inspection, should that be necessary.

Professional Research Environment

This section applies only if your project was performed partially or entirely within a professional research environment such as a university lab, national government lab, or a laboratory in private industry. This includes organizations providing laboratory space that you used for your project. It does not apply if you merely purchased service from a professional organization (for example, paying for a company to build a portion of your equipment or chemically analyze some artifact created during your project).

If this describes your project, you are required by Display Regulation #8 to have your research supervisor complete ISEF Form 1C explaining what portion of the project was uniquely due to your efforts. ISEF Form 1C is a required part of your application; in order to complete your application you must scan the original and email the resulting file to Do not take a picture with a cell phone. Keep the original form in your possession and include it in your research notebook at your project display in case there arises a need to inspect it.

Application Process

Click here for the Application, but don't proceed until you've downloaded and read through the Application Packet labeled "Download Me First!" above.

Please note that after completing the online application, you will still submit a Signature Card, App Fee payment, Certification Form(s), and possibly other documents described in this Application Checklist. By filing electronically, your information will be entered into the Fair's database exactly as you type it. Further, your Project Summary will later be published on this Web site so that your judges can read it here in advance of the judging – not to mention your friends, parents, grandparents, ....

See also our Frequently Asked Questions on Electronic Application.

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