CSEF Project Listings: 2019
Physics & Astronomy

Junior Division

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Connor R. Ashton, Grade 8 portrait
Good Vibrations: The Effect of Sympathetic Vibrations on a Bass Guitar
Advisor: Mr. Andrew Rathe
School: St. John's Lutheran School, Bakersfield, Kern County
Dominique E. Bhatti, Grade 8 portrait
Studying the Dynamics of Granular Materials
Advisor: Dr. Ken Powell
School: Oak Avenue Intermediate School, Temple City, Los Angeles County
Reuben D. Broudy, Grade 8 portrait
Modelling Minimum Voltage to Acoustically Levitate Non-spherical Objects at Near-wavelength Dimensions
Advisor: Mr. Matt Bessler
School: San Diego (Soille) Hebrew Day School, San Diego, San Diego County
Holly E. Carter, Grade 8 portrait
Measuring Sound Speed with Acoustic Interferometry
Advisor: Mr. Robert Greene
School: Westridge School, Pasadena, Los Angeles County
Malia C. Chheng, Grade 8 portrait
Induction Heating
Advisor: Mr. Joe Linares
School: Sanger Academy Charter School, Sanger, Fresno County
Landon M. Collins, Grade 7 portrait
Beware: A Ghost Will Follow You Home
Advisor: Mr. Jonah Olson
School: Davis (Melva) Academy of Excellence, Victorville, San Bernardino County
Jason A. Dong, Grade 7 portrait
The Speed of Sound in Varying Gas Conditions
Advisor: Mr. John Briner
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim, Orange County
J1708 — Second Place
Grant J. Gallagher, Grade 8 portrait
Investigating the Electrostatic Effects of Striking a Tennis Ball with a Tennis Racquet
Advisor: Mr. Mark Gallagher
School: Gallagher Academy, Irvine, Orange County
J1709 — Third Place
Conor E. Gard, Grade 6 portrait
The Winning Position: How Changing the Center-of-Gravity in a Race Car Impacts Velocity
Advisor: Ms. Gladys Vaca
School: St. Philip School, San Francisco, San Francisco County
Noah E. Girdler, Grade 8 portrait
What Is the Buoyant Force of Helium?
Advisor: Mr. James Jackson
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta, Santa Barbara County
Samanya Girish, Grade 6 portrait
Autonomous Linear Accelerator with a Precise Measurement Technique
Advisor: Mrs. Bonny Basu
School: Challenger School - Shawnee, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J1712 — Honorable Mention
Piercen C. Jones, Grade 6 portrait
Blood Spatter Matters
Advisor: Mrs. Katherine Auffant
School: Owens (Bessie E.) Intermediate, Bakersfield, Kern County
J1713 — First Place
Isabelle S. Katz, Grade 8 portrait
Characterizing Musical Instruments Using Waveform Analysis
Advisor: Mr. Bruce Katz
School: Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, Moraga, Contra Costa County
Shikha D. Kini, Grade 7 portrait
The Effect of Viscosity of Hydraulic Machines
Advisor: Ms. Emily de Moor
School: St. Matthew's Episcopal School, San Mateo, San Mateo County
C. Christopher Liebe, Grade 8 portrait
Liam I. Wright, Grade 8 portrait
Is Fire a Plasma?
Advisor: Mrs. Emily Hoffman
School: South Pasadena Middle School, South Pasadena, Los Angeles County
J1716 — Honorable Mention
Joshua A. Lipman, Grade 8 portrait
Energy Gain in the Gauss Accelerator
Advisor: Ms. Nicole Haire
School: Wornick (Ronald C.) Jewish Day School, Foster City, San Mateo County
Roxy Luster, Grade 6 portrait
Fog, Fog on the Wall: Which Color Shines the Brightest through Fog?
Advisor: Mrs. Heidi Hook
School: Cain (E.V.) Middle School, Auburn, Placer County
Emi Maeda, Grade 6 portrait
The Art of Skipping Stones: Favorable Angle and Shape of Stone
Advisor: Mr. Arion Espinoza
School: Hillview Middle School, Menlo Park, San Mateo County
Arsh Muhib, Grade 8 portrait
Building a 360 Degree Periscope
Advisor: Mr. Abrar Muhib
School: Wicklund Elementary School, Mountain House, San Joaquin County
Wyndia Ohm, Grade 7 portrait
Gravitational Anomalies: (a) A Novel Multiphysics Approach with Data from NASA, and (b) A Novel Multi-measurement Device
Advisor: Mrs. Sophanie Gee
School: Sunnyvale Middle School, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County
J1721 — Fourth Place
Weston Ema. Peterson, Grade 6 portrait
Measuring Radiation
Advisor: Mrs. Vicky Ramirez
School: Phoenix Ranch School, Simi Valley, Ventura County
Andrew I. Pool, Grade 8 portrait
Space Particles from Space: Altitude's Effect on the Number of Subatomic Particles Viewed in a Wilson Cloud Chamber
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Villegas (Ysmael) Middle School, Riverside, Riverside County
J1723 — Honorable Mention
Jared M. Saal, Grade 6 portrait
How Particle Size Affects Viscosity of Chocolate
Advisor: Mrs. Liat Baranoff
School: Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
J1724 — Honorable Mention
Hannah T. Shu, Grade 8 portrait
Using Physics to Determine the Audio Frequencies to Evaluate the Acoustics of the Violin
Advisor: Mr. Alex Hofsteen
School: International School of Monterey, Seaside, Monterey County
Dana A. Soibel, Grade 8 portrait
The Study of Optical Properties of Artificial Colors
Advisor: Mrs. Emily Hoffman
School: South Pasadena Middle School, South Pasadena, Los Angeles County
Shane C. Wilbur, Grade 6 portrait
Given the Same Stimulus, Does the Type of Liquid Placed in a Wine Glass Affect the Frequency of the Note Produced?
Advisor: Mrs. Denise McNett
School: Accelerated Achievement Academy, Hollister, San Benito County

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