2017 California State Science Fair
Science Fair Teacher of the Year — Senior Division

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The award citation at the Awards Ceremony reads:

The Senior Division California State Science Fair Teacher of the Year will have a new title to add to their list of self-described labels of parent, researcher, teacher, magician, self-defense instructor, and non-profit founder. According to students, “While this teacher has a variety of interests outside of normal teaching duties, what might be the most prominent attribute is their flair for the unexpected; constantly trying new things and following their passions, which is telling of why they are such a meaningful role model in our lives.” One of these passions lead this educator to found a non-profit dedicated to providing STEAM enrichment programs for youth with learning differences in the Los Angeles area.

Science has literally and figuratively saved this year’s recipient’s life. From experimenting with cockroaches in her family’s Bronx home as a child, to leaving the Bronx in pursuit of studying genetics, to recovering from a major fall, science has been this teacher’s hero. This year’s winner never gives up, on themselves or their students, beginning each email to students “Dear future world changers”, which students take to heart deeply, since they recognize that these words come from someone who really is changing the world.

Please join me in congratulating our Senior Division Teacher of the Year — from The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles County — Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez-Serrichio!

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Aidyl Serricchio-Gonzalez was named as advisor on the following projects this year: S0319, S0402, and S1203.

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