2001 California State Science Fair
Project Abstracts

The following abstracts are derived from electronic applications by students. Abstracts from applications which were submitted in written form are not available owing to the effort involved.

Junior Division

Applied Mechanics/ Structures & Mechanisms/ Manufacturing
J0102 Bridge Structures
J0103 Gears, Gears, Gears
J0108 Electroactive Polymers as Artificial Muscles
J0109 Shocking News
J0112 Does Molybdenum Disulfide Make a Difference?
J0113 Does ABEC Rating Affect the Amount of Friction Produced by a Skateboard Bearing?
J0114 Can Foam Make Steel Stronger?
J0115 Resist the Force: Structural Support vs. Earthquake Magnitude
J0116 Gear Up!
J0118 Balanced or Unbalanced? That Is the Question
J0121 Skateboard Bearings
J0125 How Does Arch Curvature Affect Strength?
J0129 Mechanical Advantage of Levers in Mouse Trap Cars
J0131 Skateboard Bearings: Are You Getting What You Pay For?
J0139 Which Bridge Design Is the Most Efficient?

Behavioral Sciences
J0202 What Type of Students Are Obsessive-Compulsive?
J0204 Mice, Mazes, and Memory
J0207 Thinky and the Brain
J0210 Accuracy of Eyewitness Identification
J0214 Sight Unseen
J0216 Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom: Is It Effective?
J0218 Is It Possible to Develop a Visual Test to Determine Thinking Style?
J0219 At What Age Is the Transition of Visual Information from Short-Term Memory to Long-Term Memory at Its Peak?
J0221 No Fear?
J0230 The Effect of Music on a Hamster's Performance Running through a Maze
J0231 It's Laughter I'm After!
J0232 Analyze This
J0233 Hidden Messages
J0299 Does Age Affect Degree of Compliance in an Unsupervised Environment?

Biochemistry / Molecular Biology
J0303 Lactase... Sweet... Lactase !
J0308 Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria with the Help of Plasmid DNA
J0310 How Does Temperature Affect Serum Formation in Dairy Cattle?
J0311 Green Hair and Chlorine: Who Is the Culprit?
J0313 Are Essential Genes Better Conserved Through Evolution than Non-Essential Genes?
J0315 A Little Dab Will Do You: Coke=Salt=Vitamin C As a Preservative?
J0316 Using ELISA Biotechnology for the Quality Control of Beneficial Insects
J0317 How Does Light Affect Proteins Involved in Photosynthesis?
J0323 Which Diet or Regular Soda Has the Most Effect on Teeth and Eggshells?

J0403 How Does the Acidity or Basicity in a Liquid Affect Plant Growth?
J0405 What Is the Effect of Temperature on the Solubility of CO(2) in H(2)O?
J0410 Potential Energy and the Electromotive Series: Searching for a Good Junk Battery
J0416 How Big Is a Molecule?
J0417 Martian Survival: The Chemistry of Oxygen Extraction
J0419 Modifying Crystal Growth: The Effect of Supersaturation
J0420 How Does Exposure to the Atmosphere or Addition of Antacids Affect the pH of Soda?
J0421 The Chemical Effects of Various Plants on Gelatin
J0422 What Effect Does Different Amounts of Baking Soda Have on Bread?
J0423 Liquid Battery
J0424 Vitamin C Content: How Nutritious Are Your Oranges?
J0425 Synergetic Effect Between Glycerin and Sugar on the Size and Lifetime of Soap Bubbles
J0426 Do Gasses Have Weight?
J0429 How Does Toothpaste Work?
J0432 Does the pH level of a Substance Have an Effect on the Normal Corroding Process of Iron?

Earth Sciences/ Planetary Sciences/ Physical Environments
J0505 Too Bright at Night? Building a Dark Sky Meter to Measure Light Pollution
J0507 Moon Phases and Tides
J0508 Surf's Up
J0509 Copper in Santa Cruz Harbor Sediments: Toxic or Tolerable?
J0512 The Earth's Magnetic Pulses
J0515 Solar Distillation
J0520 It's All Downhill from Here: A Brief Exploration of the Effect of Slope Angle on the Erosion of Soil
J0527 Ring Around the Aerial Stereo Photographs: A Project on Paleoseismology

Electricity & Electronics
J0601 Tuned Circuits
J0602 Is the Globalstar Satellite System Efficient?
J0603 Maglev Technology
J0605 Pro C.E.S.S. Robot (Collects, Evaluates, Sorts, Stores)
J0609 Electromagnetic Fields: Bad to the Bone?
J0611 Whether Weather Affects Laser Based Telecommunication Systems
J0612 Robotic Maze Navigation with a Micro-Controller
J0613 The Effects of Voltage and Number of Coils on the Lifting Strength of Various Electromagnets
J0615 Solar Cells: Can Amorphous Outperform Polycrystalline in Low Sunlight Conditions?
J0616 Crosstalk in Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) Optical Fibers
J0617 Can GPS Accuracy Be Improved by Repeated Measurements?
J0618 Which Infrared Emitting Diode Pair Provides the Best Object Detection?
J0620 Temperature: Does It Affect the Response Time of an LCD?
J0621 Can Electromagnets Propel a Model Vehicle?

Environmental Biology
J0701 Where the Land Meets the Sea
J0704 The Influence of Turbidity on Benthic Algae in Streams
J0705 Slip Sliding Away: Loss of Elkhorn Slough Eel Grass Beds Due to Induced Coastal Erosion
J0708 Poisoned Fruit?
J0709 Thirsty: The Presence of Coliform and E. coli Bacteria in the Tule River Watershed
J0712 Evidence of Coliform Bacteria in Santee's Lakes and Rivers
J0720 Agrochemical Leaching
J0721 The Mokelumne River Chinook Salmon Run and the Significance of Point Two
J0726 What Is Killing Fish at the Salton Sea?

Environmental Engineering
J0801 What Makes the Best Oil Spill Cleaner: Hair, Cotton, or Feathers?
J0802 Slip Sliding Away
J0805 Building Materials from Recycled Paper
J0807 Can the Application of a Clay Flocculate Mitigate a Harmful Algae Bloom?
J0811 Radon Gas: The Element of Fear
J0813 S.O.S.: Save Our Soil
J0823 Reducing the Turbidity of Storm Water Effluent Using Different Types of Filter Media

Fluid Mechanics/ Aerodynamics/ Thermophysics
J0901 Researching the Flight of Paper Airplanes
J0903 Aerodynamics and Its Effect on a Rocket's Apogee
J0908 Moving in 3-D Space: Does Positioning of Thrusters Affect Maneuverability of a Remotely Operated Vehicle?
J0910 Which Materials Conduct Ultrasonic Sound Best Underwater?
J0911 How Many Newtons Does It Take to Stop a 10-Pound Bowling Ball in Less than Three Meters?
J0912 The Battle of Sound
J0913 Which Angle of Attack Generates the Most Lift?
J0914 Up, Up, and Away
J0915 Lift Off: What Airfoil Shape Produces the Most Lift?
J0917 Which Plane Flies the Longest?
J0918 The Effect of Sail Shape on Sailing Efficiency
J0920 Let's Hear It in the Gym Community Center: An Acoustical Study
J0921 Vortex Generators: Effective Airflow Accelerators?
J0923 Eh...? What Did You Say?
J0924 Autorotation of Polygonal Prisms in an Airstream
J0925 Lift? The Effect of Wing Shape and Angle of Attack on Lift
J0929 Rocketry
J0932 Zoom Zoom Zoom!
J0933 Keep On Truckin: Studying Aerodynamics of Cab & Air Deflector Designs to Reduce Fuel Consumption & Improve Air Quality

Materials Science
J1005 Can Foam Be Used to Make Structural Light Weight Concrete?
J1007 Which "Wood" It Be?
J1008 Improving Recycled Paper
J1010 Paper Chromatography
J1013 UV Light and Sunscreen
J1017 Don't Give Me Any Static: The Static Potential of Flooring and Clothing Materials
J1020 Savings Watts
J1021 Keeping Cool
J1022 What Type of Baby Clothes Are Most Flame Resistant?
J1023 Which Solution Removes Stickers Best?
J1025 Ashes to Ashes: Will Ash "Supercharge" Insecticide?
J1026 What Lies Beneath Your Walls: Thermal Insulation
J1029 How Are Black and White Films Affected by Color Contrast?
J1031 Killer Carpet Cleaner
J1033 Sunscreens! The Water Resistance of Ultraviolet Sunscreens
J1035 Is Your House Made of the Strongest Bricks?

Mathematics & Software
J1103 Constructing a Wall-Hugging Robot
J1108 SOLO - Simulation of Living Organisms
J1110 Do Traffic Signals Decrease the Amount of Auto Accidents?
J1111 Fair Dice?
J1115 The Mathematics of Sound Waves
J1117 Benford's Law: What Works and What Doesn't
J1118 Dare to Take a Hit
J1121 Network Intercomm: Software to Send Messages, Files, and Chat Over Local Area Networks

J1202 Natural Killers
J1204 Good Bugs to Eat: The Amount of Yogurt Bacterium in Organic versus Non-Organic Yogurt
J1215 The Effects of Different Temperatures on Growing Fungi
J1216 Stinky Shoes: Do the Types or Materials of Shoes Affect the Amount of Bacteria in Your Shoes?
J1217 Effect of UV Light Exposure on the Number of Bacterial Colonies
J1220 UV Radiation Extermination
J1225 Germs: The Life of Microbes
J1226 Antimicrobial Properties of Herbs and Spices
J1228 Emperors of the World: Man or Microbes?
J1229 Too Much for Too Little?
J1232 The Dirt on Soap: A Comparison of Hand Washing Using Regular and Antibacterial Soap

Pharmacology / Toxicology
J1305 Heads or Tails: Will Vitamin Solutions and Different Exposures to Light and Dark Change Planaria's Regeneration?
J1309 Effect of a Natural Poison on Mosquito Development - Year II
J1314 Fipronil, Abamectin, Hydramethylnon, and Boric Acid versus Blattella germanica (Linnaeus)
J1320 Picky Eaters: Does the Selenium in Plants Used for Phytoremediation Discourage Feeding by Insects?
J1322 A "Corny" Way to Kill Weeds
J1327 Dopey Daphnia: How Drugs Affect the Heart Rate of a Daphnia

Physics & Astronomy
J1404 Particle Presence: The Presence of Subatomic Radioactive Particles
J1405 The Brazil Nut Effect
J1406 Where Alphas Go, Betas Fear to Tread: Analysis of Alpha Particle Tracks
J1410 Does Mass or Temperature Affect Magnetic Repulsion?
J1411 The Dynamics of Soap Films
J1414 Finding Planck's Constant Using the Photoelectric Effect
J1415 Laser Range Finder
J1416 Brake Fluid Batteries
J1417 How Long Does the Sun Take to Rotate?
J1418 Lasers in Orbit
J1420 Electromagnetic Radio Signals from Space
J1422 Fuel and Heat Values of Woods

J1501 Do Wind Instruments Improve Inspiratory Capacity?
J1502 Reaction Time to Auditory versus Visual Stimuli
J1504 Do You See What I See?
J1516 Does Soda Consumption Lead to Fragile Bones?
J1521 Recovery of Visual Acuity Following Vestiblo-Ocular Reflex Stimulation in Aviators vs. Non-Aviators
J1525 How Height Affects Running Speed
J1526 What Color Has the Largest Field of Vision?
J1531 Do You See What I See?
J1532 What Color Is Best Seen Peripherally?
J1533 Are You One-Sided? Determining Hand, Foot, Eye, and Ear Dominance
J1535 Get into the Beat: What Are the Effects of Music on Blood Pressure and Pulse?

Plant Biology
J1601 What Are the Effects of Different Amounts of Phosphate on Aquatic Plants?
J1603 Stimulation of Plant Growth with Gibberellic Acid
J1606 How's Your Mitosis?
J1607 Chlorophyll and the Absence of Light: Part 2
J1609 Endangered Native Plants Reintroduced into the Wild: Second Year Study
J1612 Marigold Growth Under Varying Light and Nutrient Conditions
J1613 Phosphates and Algae Growth
J1615 Lentil Growth and Pot Size
J1616 Cool-Season Grasses
J1617 The Stressed Radish
J1623 Germination of Radiated Seeds
J1627 How Does the Age of Corn Seeds Affect Germination?
J1631 Waterlogged: Do Ground Water Levels Affect the Health of Redwood and Douglas Fir Trees?
J1699 The Effects of Light Exposure on Solanine Production in Potatoes

Social Sciences (Junior Division Only)
J1704 Gender Gap - Fact or Myth? A Study of Science Achievement
J1705 To Stop or Not?
J1706 Paranormal: Does Society Believe It or Not?
J1708 Do We Judge a Book by Its Cover?
J1711 The Effects of Temperature on Electrical Energy Use and Energy Conservation Awareness
J1712 Is Online Shopping Cheaper than Stores?
J1714 Poisonous Pots: A Study of the Public Health Risk of Imported Mexican Terra Cotta Pottery
J1715 Does Having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Affect Assessment of Attractiveness and Social Desirability?
J1716 Stop

J1801 Pooches Pick Most Pungent?
J1806 What Do Dangerous Ants Eat?
J1807 Egg-Strapolation: How Old Are Those Store Bought Eggs?
J1808 Hermit Crab Shell Selection
J1812 Drosophila melanogaster
J1815 Breathing Rates of Aquatic and Air Breathers
J1816 Carp Growth at Different Temperatures
J1817 How Will Global Warming Affect Corals?
J1818 Do Canines Have Unique Pawprints?

Senior Division

Applied Mechanics/ Structures & Mechanisms/ Manufacturing
S0102 The Magnetic Accelerator
S0103 The Effectiveness of Thread Locking Compounds
S0104 Sounds Radical!!
S0107 Designing and Constructing an Original Unique ROV in Order to Collect Soil Samples from a Depth of up to 30 Meters
S0108 Noise Pollution: Effective Sound Barrier Materials
S0114 The Effects of Different Types of Insulation on the Loss of Heat

Behavioral Sciences
S0201 Autism and Fragile X: Where Are the Missing Links?
S0206 Witness Fitness
S0210 Comparing the Effects of Enrichment and Exercise on Learning
S0212 False Recognition: Can You Remember?
S0213 Quality of Diabetes Care at Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center
S0217 What Sociograms Can Tell Us

Biochemistry / Molecular Biology
S0302 Does Heteroplasmy in Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Vary by Race?
S0303 The Effect of Iron Concentration on the Photosynthetic Rate of Phytoplankton
S0304 Longer Chromosome Ends = Longer Life?
S0305 Xeroderma Pigmentosum: Increased Ultraviolet Light-Induced Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Cells Derived from XP Patients
S0308 Are Jeff's Parents Really His Parents?
S0309 Arabidopsis thaliana: Data-Mining a Genome
S0312 Moo: What Happened to My Milk?
S0314 Comparison of Protein Gel Electrophoresis and Multi-Coupling Spectroscopy through Digestion of HSA and Fibrinogen
S0318 The Application of a Retroviral Vector to Transduce Genes within Cells
S0320 Hydrogen Bonding in Proteins
S0326 A New Method to Indicate Gene Activation within a Cell
S0327 Using Chemiluminescence to Test the Effectiveness of Various Antioxidants
S0330 Nicotine Regulates PC2 Promoter Activity in GH3 Cells

S0401 Novel Fuel Formulations to Improve Health and Safety by Reduction of Noxious Emissions
S0402 The Effectiveness of SPF Sunscreen Lotions
S0403 Rate Constants of the Oxidation of Substituted Phosphines with Singlet Oxygen
S0404 Digital Camera vs. the pH Rod: Using a Camera to Determine pH
S0405 Comparing the Absorption of Light by Sunscreens with Different SPF Values
S0406 Quantification and Investigation of Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether in Our Community
S0409 Phase III: EDTA Treated Mercury Nitrate
S0410 Biodiesel
S0420 Photoelectrochemical Imaging on Single Crystal Silicon
S0422 The Occurence of VOCs and Indicator Bacteria in Local Groundwater and the Lexington Reservoir

Earth Sciences/ Planetary Sciences/ Physical Environments
S0501 The Greenhouse Effect: How Does Carbon Dioxide Affect Our Environment?
S0504 Induction of Thermal Currents in Earth's Ocean Systems
S0506 Effect of Oil Film on the Evaporation Rate of Water
S0507 The Salinas River, Agriculture's Plentiful Provider: Does Farming Have a Detrimental Effect on the Salinas River?
S0508 Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Locate Iceplant along the Central Coast of California

Electricity & Electronics
S0604 Model Solar Car
S0609 Solar Reflections
S0611 Performance of Fractal Hybrids in a Quagi Array
S0615 3Dfx Voodoo 3 3000 AGP vs. Nvidia TNT2 M64 AGP
S0616 Pulse Oscillation and Inductive Coupling of a Solid State Air Core Resonating Transformer
S0617 How Can the Strength of Electromagnets be Controlled?
S0620 How Does Distance Affect Wireless Data Transfer?

Environmental Engineering
S0803 A Possible Solution to Air Pollution: Reducing Ground Ozone Levels and Carbon Dioxide Emissions
S0805 Toward Energy Self-Reliance
S0810 Could the Lead from Color Computer Monitors Be Leaching into Our Water from Landfills?
S0811 Photodegradation of Crystal Violet Using Titanium Dioxide as a Catalyst
S0812 Preliminary Survey of Lead Content in Soils Along the Alameda Corridor
S0814 An Evaluation of Na Bentonite Clay in Geosynthetic Clay Landfill Liners When Exposed to Simulated Landfill Leachate
S0815 A Natural Oil Spill Clean-up Process
S0818 Electrodeposition of Calcium Carbonate in an Ocean Environment
S0820 A Sticky Situation: Organic vs. Synthetic: Which Material Absorbs Oil the Best?
S0822 Use of Phosphate Binders to Combat Eutrophication in Fresh Water Lakes

Fluid Mechanics/ Aerodynamics/ Thermophysics
S0905 Airfoils
S0908 The Effect of Baseball Seam Height on the Amount the Ball Curves in Flight
S0912 The Effect of Pressure on the Temperature Gradient of the Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube
S0922 Which Material Is the Most Effective Thermal Insulator?

Mathematics & Software
S1101 Discovering Zones of Cooperation Through the Emergent Behavior of Autonomous Agents
S1106 LZAC Lossless Data Compression: A Novel Approach to Minimum Redundancy Coding
S1107 Patterns in the Integrals of nth Order Monomials
S1112 A New Game of Solitaire: Cryptanalysis
S1116 Internet Guided Robot
S1118 3-D Chemistry
S1199 Honey, I Leaked the RAM!

S1201 The Isolation and Identification of Pathogenic Bacteria from Samples of Orange Juice
S1206 Effects of Solar Wavelengths on Chlorophyll in Algae
S1208 Lipstick Testers and Bacteria
S1209 Ultraviolet Light vs. Living Organisms
S1210 The Reproduction Rate of the Protozoan Blepharisma in Acid Rain and the Changes in pH as the Population Increased
S1211 Mighty Algae
S1212 Coliform Bacteria Levels in the Kern River
S1216 Thank Goodness for...Garlic Breath? A Study of Garlic and Bacterial Inhibition
S1217 UV-C Light Effects on Yeast (Saccharomyces cervisiae) Growth and Morphology
S1219 Silver Colloids: The New Antibacterial
S1220 Finding an Alternative Medicine to Treat the Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia coli and Penicillium chrysogenum
S1222 Determining the Amount of Yeast Cells' Uptake of Lead versus Calcium
S1223 Acclimation of Bioluminescence in Marine Dinoflagellates to Physical Stimulations

Pharmacology / Toxicology
S1304 Beta-Amyloid Induced Neurotoxicity and the Protection of Cognitive Function with Usage of Progesterone in ERT
S1307 Molecular Toxicity/Genotoxicity of Two Samples from INCO Refinery in Clydach, S. Wales, in Ref. to the Compound-Orcelit
S1308 The Effects of Chromium VI on Planaria
S1309 Antagonism of Ethanol's Effects on Glycine Receptors Expressed in Xenopus oocytes by Increased Atmospheric Pressure
S1310 Cytotoxicity: Cytotoxic Effects of 2,4-DNT, 2,6-DNT, and 2,4,6-TNT on Human Liver Carcinoma Cells through an LDH Assay
S1320 The Effects of Common Bacteria on the Decomposition of Pesticides
S1321 The Effect of Smoking on Chromosomal Damage
S1323 Schizophrenia: The Search for Cause/Cure Using a Mouse Model
S1399 Effects of Methylphenidate on Smooth Cardiac Myocytes

Physics & Astronomy
S1401 The Effect of a Magnetic Field on the Path of Subatomic Particles
S1403 The Lines Inside: Holographic Interferometry and Thermal Expansion
S1406 Contrast in Radiography
S1407 Acceleration by Magnetism
S1408 In Living Color: Colorimetric Calibration of an LED Display Using Spectroscopy
S1409 Exploring Equations for KI Using the Optical Method of Caustics
S1410 Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Using Mechanical Resonators to Demonstrate Quantum Computer Operations
S1412 Can an Inverted Pendulum Sustain Equilibrium?

S1502 Get A Grip: Is an Individual's Dominant Hand Stronger in Grip Strength?
S1504 Do All Three Cone Cells Fatigue at the Same Rate?
S1513 Amount of Electricity Produced by the Gastrocnemius Muscle on Certain Surfaces
S1514 Cell Phones and Stupidity: Is There a Connection?
S1515 Backpacks and Our Backs
S1519 Recovery Time and Pulse Rate: Which Sport Fits You?
S1520 Effectiveness of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
S1521 Effect of Orientation Angles on Perception of the McCollough Effect

Plant Biology
S1603 How Does pH Affect the Photosynthetic Rate of the Aquatic Plant Anachlis?
S1605 Cloning Savages: Tissue Culture of Carnivorous Plants
S1606 Electrical Stimulation and Seed Germination
S1607 Does Evaporation Stand a Chance?
S1608 What Do Lichens Like? Part II
S1612 Smoking Kills: The Effect of Cigarette Smoke on Plants
S1616 If It Rains, Will It Grow? A Three Year Study on Presoaking Cotton Seed
S1617 Plant Growth with Hydroponics vs. Plant Growth with Natural Soil

S1803 Starving Anemones
S1805 Do Predators Always Win? Daphnia vs. Guppies
S1807 Do Nematode Populations Vary Among Their Earthworm Hosts?
S1810 Which Sugar Do Bees Prefer?
S1811 Short-Term Food Deprivation and Altered Foraging Behavior in Avacularia avacularia
S1812 Dopamine as a Growth-Promoting Substance in Echinaster spinulosus: A Two-Part Study
S1814 Project Dark Light: The Effects of Light Deprivation on Hamsters
S1815 Investigation of the Biofiltration Potential of the Pacific Oyster to Decrease Fecal Coliform Bacterial Levels
S1817 The Influence of Familiarity on Mate Selection Preferences in Poecilia
S1819 Competition of Bay Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialus) & Japanese Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) for Nutrients & Habitat
S1822 Factors Affecting the Distribution of Collisella digitalis and Lottia gigantea, Two Species with Overlapping Niches
S1824 Morphological Correlates of Ecological Distribution Among Shorebirds
S1825 Electromagnetic Fields vs. Dugasia dorotocephala (EMF vs Planaria)
S1826 Effect of Temperature on the Fertilization and Development of S. purpuratus

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